SHOWing off

Can’t say I am upset that I only seem to have good news to share on this website!

Beyond Board Games is going to have a table at Indy Pop Con this July! We are not quite ready to announce why we are going to be there… But, it is going to be awesome.

One thing I can share is that we have complete artwork for SPARK500 cards! Major props to Oso Meza and his fantastic designs!

Couldn’t be more excited to see what he creates next!

If you are interested in attending Indy Pop Con [click here].

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Mad for Science?

Oh boy, do we have the game for you.

Make -A- Molecule is the atom smashing game everyone with a mild interest in molecular science deserves. Collect atoms to create exciting new molecules, not forgetting to share your extra supplies with you fellow scientists!

Take a closer look at the rules here: Rule book 

This game is now available for sale on The Game Crafter for $15.99 plus shipping.

Purchase it here: Make-A-Molecule


Introducing; SPARK500!

Welcome to the most intense car race you have ever been to…

SPARK500 is a battle-racing board game where you not only race around the track at top speeds but you do it with a rocket launcher strapped to your roof trying to blow up the other racers. But, watch out! They are trying to blow up you, too!

Players equip their vehicles with different crew members, parts, and weapons to buff their vehicles with different abilities. Pushing his or her firepower, speed, or defenses to the max. Custom vehicles need a custom track; so, try creating your own racing oval using different board tiles . SPARK500 comes with four left turns, one start finish line, three checkpoints, and eight straightaways for you to use to create a unique race every time.

This game is designed to accommodate two to six players depending on how you set up the race track, and takes anywhere between sixty and ninety minutes to play. We recommend this game to players ten years and older, but we have had many successful play-throughs with younger players.

Stay tuned, fellow racers, rules and designer recommendations will be coming next!

Best, Hanna

Oh, by golly.

BBG has some AWESOME news.

We snagged ourselves an artist for SPARK500!
I know, right? We are very excited to be working with the phenomenal graphic designer and illustrator, Oso Meza! You can check out his fantastic work on Instagram or follow him on  Twitter (@ohsomeza on both or click on the bolded hypertext to go straight to his profile)

This means that SPARK is entering its final lap and might be available for sale within the year.
So, keep your fingers crossed and your eyes peeled for our next update where we will be discussing how SPARK500 plays.


Meet the Team

As we prepare our pioneer boardgame, SPARK 500, for demos; let me introduce you to the team that helped make it!

First, myself.  My name is Hanna Seyerle and I am Chief Unicorn and Game Master for Beyond Board. I am rather fond of chance based games, because the less you have to think about, the more fun you can have. So, expect to see plenty of tile flipping and dice rolling in my games, not that my pro-strategy teammates don’t rein me in on the occasion.

Second up is the Hot and Ready Pizza King and Game Master, Jeff Callahan. Jeff enjoys playing co-op and team based games like Sentinels of the Multiverse and Heroscape and brings many team elements to his games. Jeff was voted most likely to forget to email Hanna four sentences about himself before she wrote this, and has yet to let anyone down. Jeff would also like to kindly remind Hanna that he currently does not have Internet at home, making it even harder for his brain to remember things.

Third in line is the Deadpool Fanatic and Master of Kobolds, Bradley Pettigrew. Brad is never found without a battle ready deck of Magic the Gathering nearby and never misses Friday night Dungeons and Dragons. He uses this experience to help keep our games customizable, so that no play through is anything like the last. Bradley was voted most likely to forget that Hanna ever asked him to do anything not directly related to a game. Brad would like Hanna to know he is sorry.

In fifth place is Ghost of Christmas Past or Whatever and Game Master of Scrolls, Jeremy Healy. This crazy human likes games that have incredibly low chances of success, like Pandemic and chess. Jeremy recently moved back into the area and would still really like to play Catan, but Hanna keeps leaving the game at Jordan’s house, thereby ruining everything. Hanna would like Jeremy to know that she is sorry.

Last but not least is Uberis Intericus Majoris, Gavin Werner. Gavin is a subservient, mindless slave. He does the bidding of his masters, Hanna and Jeff, and only thinks when he is told. Just kidding, he’s cool, and likes to play board games and think of how he might improve them. Gavin has worked on SPARK 500 and a few other games still in production, including some whose design he is leading.