Roses are red, April was grey,

but in one day…

its gonna be may

ha, memes.


Busy month for this team!

Protospiel number 2 is 2 weeks away!! Gavin, Jeff, and I are rolling out for a weekend of playtesting revolutionary prototypes and soaking up the creative atmo~

Best part? There are still tickets available!! Protospiel Indy is being held at the Kappa Delta Pi Headquarters on the north side of Indianapolis (withing spitting distance of the Pyramids) and is open to any and all game lovers. I mean any. And all. Hardcore strategy games next to single player war games next to musically inclined party games. Sign up as a designer to test your own, or come as a playtester and discover the many ways ideas become games.

But this is only where our summer starts!

We are also ramping up for Indy Pop Con and Origins in June, Gen Con in August, and oh yeah, KICKSTARTING MAKE-A-MOLECULE (formerly Covalent) !!!



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