New Year, New Game Resolution

Hello 2019!?!

We have big hopes for this year, and to give hope strength, these are our RESOLUTIONS!!

  • We will exhibit at least 6 conventions/events.
  • We will launch a Kickstarter for “Make-a-Molecule.”
  • We will increase our social media presence.
  • We will finish with playtesting for MECH.
  • We will take all feedback, positive and negative, but not change rules or mechanics until after we have a chance to test it ourselves.
  • We will be confident in our games.


In other news, we are doing things this month! We will be participating in the Indie Showcase at Ohayocon in Columbus, Ohio. Three very long days of hanging out with eager congoers that we just know are ready to learn about chemistry… or at least play a cool game about chemistry… and fellow game dsigners (video and tabletop!)

At the same time, we snagged a gig at a local public library, Bexley Library, talking to youths about how we got started designing games and how to go about designing your own. A program we will also be running at the Mooresville Public Library next month!

Next week is going to be cray. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.