Protospiel- a convention like no other

Wow! I just had the best and most uplifting weekend ever.

Gavin and I (Hanna) attended our first Protospiel, Protospiel Chicago!

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Valid question!

Started in 2001 by game designers Stephen Glenn, Dominic Crapuchettes, and Mike Petty, Protospiel is an annual get-together of amateur and established game designers to test and promote nearly-finished game prototypes. 

The atmosphere is casual, yet everyone is serious about their goals and dreams of publishing games.” From the Protospiel website.

To us it was a chance to get professional help and opinions on our games while getting experience participating in playtests of games in various stages of development. Seeing how other designers tackle the same problems we are facing with our games was really valuable.

(We also got to play some really awesome games!!)

Gavin was able to make some updates to Galtrax: Galactic Conquest’s technology trees. They are still just as hard to achieve, but without the double whammy of the high price tag. As well as test out one of his proposed layouts.

I managed to keep Covalent’s game time to 15 minutes on three playtests! Mission accomplished! But now it is a question of scoring and balancing the weight of the cards in regards to victory… but hey, game play works!

Huge shout out and thanks to all of the people who played our games and to the games we got to play!

Games like: ArchRavelry, which will be kickstarting soon!!