The State of Play

So, here is where we stand…

Beyond Board Games is officially a Business!! We have a retail licence and everything! Which means that come 2019 you might actually be able to purchase some of our games from places other than The Game Crafter.

We have narrowed our focus a bit and have stopped trying to do fifteen things at once. I know, who does that? You can expect to hear more about MECH as we finish up playtesting, soon we will moving on to finalizing art themes!

We have a new game that is moving closer to production that not many of you have heard about. Covalent is the love child of Make-A-Molecule and actual science, as many of the same themes are present in both Make-A-Molecule and Covalent, Covalent has a more refined focus on molecules that are formed through covalent bonding. #RealScience

If you would like to check out Covalent rules, click there > Covalent rules

You also may have noticed a bit of a change in our URL, that’s right,


*maniacal laughter*

Just remember to update your bookmarks!!


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