Introducing; SPARK500!

Welcome to the most intense car race you have ever been to…

SPARK500 is a battle-racing board game where you not only race around the track at top speeds but you do it with a rocket launcher strapped to your roof trying to blow up the other racers. But, watch out! They are trying to blow up you, too!

Players equip their vehicles with different crew members, parts, and weapons to buff their vehicles with different abilities. Pushing his or her firepower, speed, or defenses to the max. Custom vehicles need a custom track; so, try creating your own racing oval using different board tiles . SPARK500 comes with four left turns, one start finish line, three checkpoints, and eight straightaways for you to use to create a unique race every time.

This game is designed to accommodate two to six players depending on how you set up the race track, and takes anywhere between sixty and ninety minutes to play. We recommend this game to players ten years and older, but we have had many successful play-throughs with younger players.

Stay tuned, fellow racers, rules and designer recommendations will be coming next!

Best, Hanna